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A Bit of (Mostly) Good Times

Ah, the Calgary Flames.  We all love to hate this team.  And while we've been worrying about maintaining our lead over the Northwest division, our Albertan rivals have plummeted to 14th in the Western Conference.  (Also of funny note is that the only team worse than them in the conference is the Oilers).  Tomorrow night, the Canucks will visit the Saddledome and take on our bitter enemy for the first time this season.
Something I constantly notice is that our games against the Flames are either goaltending clinics or blowouts.  When they are goalie clinics, we get Roberto Luongo and Miikka Kiprusoff pulling off saves that leave everyone speechless.  When they are blowouts, we have one of the teams running up the score and chasing the opposing goalie (which is especially fun when it's us).  Whatever happens, one thing is clear: when Vancouver and Calgary face off, it's gonna be a barnburner.

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