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Not-So Home Sweet Home

The only guys that showed any balls...
The only guys that showed any balls...

I am still at the hotel in Vancouver, getting ready to check out and have some lunch with JJ from Canucks Hockey Blog. Still disappointed with the Canucks' performance this weekend. So I'm sure we'll air our grievances with the team. I really expected a bounce back performance against the Coyotes. With Mike and myself in attendance, it would have been sweet. I don't know how the Canucks looked on TV but live they were flat. They lacked tenacity. They lacked gel and chemistry. They lacked a power play opportunity! What the hell? The Coyotes played uber-disciplined, and we know the Canucks are not the best 5 on 5.

Seeing Taylor Pyatt score TWICE was facepalm/suicide material.

The top 3 lines all dried up at the same time. Where the D doesn't look so bad, the forwards have to get it going. One thing I noticed, being only 20 rows up, was that there wasn't a lot of communication out there. On the D, yes. Up front, no. Just a bunch of semi-puck possession, errant passing and lack of prime scoring opportunities.

Highlight of the night for me? The Luongo stick save. I can't find it on YouTube so I'll move on to my other highlight: Tanner Glass! He was awesome! Hitting everything that moved, grinding it out. To top it off he got rewarded:


Thanks, Tanner. Now if only your mates could play the same way. More on this later. Enjoy your day, all. I'm gonna work on a buzz at the airport to forget about this mess!