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Blackhawks At Canucks Game Preview: They Come To Take Your Life


BLACKHAWKS (10-10-2) AT CANUCKS (10-5-3)



THE MORTAL ENEMY: Second City Hockey


Daniel Sedin: 12-12-24

Patrick Sharp: 10-9-19

SEASON RECORD: Blackhawks 1-0

LAST MEETING: October 20, 2010: 2-1 Blackhawks in a shootout.



Update: Alain Vigneault wants more offence and more ice time from Line 4: Rick Rypien-Joel Perrault-Tanner Glass. Well that's a change.

You are seeing a quickened version of the game preview as I am flying down to Vancouver on Saturday morning to meet up with some of you peeps at The Forum Sports Bar to watch this one (don't procrastinate, come hang out!) and to catch the Canucks-Coyotes game live with Yankee on Sunday.


When the Canucks played Chicago in October they resorted to a more defensive and somewhat cautious game despite the shot count. It almost worked. However the Hawks came at them in waves and had way more quality chances. Roberto Luongo was awesome in a 2-1 loss but came under a bit of scrutiny because he let in all 3 shootout chances. 2 of the 2 shootout chances barely squeaked over the line and that piece of dung Patrick Kane got the winner. (See the video below for the highlights.) A disappointment to be sure. At least we won't hear Chelsea's Dagger tonight.

Whatever. There is still an axe to grind here for the Canucks. Domination of the Hawks must be established. It has not been accomplished yet. Until it is...the Hawks are one-upping the Canucks on the game sheets and mentally as well.

  • Chicago had a 9-5-1 start in October but have sagged to a 3-5-1 record in November.
  • A 7-2 loss to the Flames last night? Coach Q is going to verbally whip these guys and we should see a better effort from the Hawks against Van.
  • Both the Canucks and Blackhawks are using the power play to score many of their goals. The Canucks' PP was shut down last game by the Penguins.
  • Chicago is top 3 in the NHL in shots per game
  • Wack: Chicago has won only 44.4% of their games when leading after 1 period. The Canucks have won 87.5% in that scenario.
  • VIDEO:

Highlights of the October game....oh dear

It Never Gets Old! Mitchell Destroys Toews:

Funny, but too bad this amounted to nothing:

And just because I am bitter:

Hamhuis hates the Hawks, this much I know. But he must really hate Hossa:

The Canucks have to soundly beat these guys. No more f*cking around. Kick some ass, Vancouver. You must have it in you. Time to erase the past, piece by piece.

My call: 5-3 Canucks with Kesler scoring the winner.