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Is The "Rest Luongo More" Concept working?

Well, not according to some intriguing stats that Brad Ziemer from the Vancouver Sun points out:

In the games he has played following the four starts given to backup Cory Schneider, Roberto Luongo's numbers aren't good. His goal-against average in those four games is 4.75 and his save percentage is .850.

A particularly shaky outing Oct. 19 in Minnesota, when Luongo was yanked after giving up six goals on 18 shots in two periods, skews those numbers a bit. But the fact remains Luongo has surrendered three or more goals in all of those four starts.

As much as the team's play in front of him could have been better on occasion, Lou has not been sharp either. Not sharp enough. Not consistently. Just something to keep an eye on, because, you know, we don't scrutinize Luongo enough. Added: To throw a small dart at Ziemer, the Canucks are still 2-2 in those games, and Luongo has hardly been to blame in especially one of those 4 games in particular: the 4-3 win over the Avalanche. Wow. The Avs had 39 shots that game. Lou was gold.