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Prepare For Glory: Canucks & Senators


Next Game

Vancouver Canucks
@ Ottawa Senators

Thursday, Nov 11, 2010, 4:30 PM PST
Scotiabank Place

Enemy Blog: Silver Seven

Enemy Pro: Zero B.C. natives starting, but their prospects include Derek Grant (Abbotsford), Geoff Kinrade (Nelson) & Patrick Wiercioch (Burnaby)

Enemy Con: So Carrie Underwood writes "Mama's Song" which is a reassurance to her mom she's found a man who treats her well and puts Mike Fisher in the video and no Senator has kicked his ass? All of their men cards are revoked.

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(If at first you don't succeed...)

INT: Bell Centre, November 11, 2010, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Enter Henrik Sedin followed by the rest of the team, awaiting their emergence from the tunnel onto the ice at Scotiabank Place. The captain looks his players in the eyes one by one and finally speaks...

Henrik Sedin: ...and so my coach lost, and my linemates failed, barely a day ago. Long I pondered Alain's cryptic talk of victory. Time has proven him wise, for from free Canadian to free Canadian, the word was spread that bold Vigneault and his twenty men, so far from home, laid down their skills in thirst of a win. Not just for Vancouver, but for all Canada and the promise this country holds.

[takes his stick from a player]

Henrik Sedin: Now, here on this ragged patch of earth called Ottawa, Bryan Murray's hordes face obliteration!

Canucks Roster: [in unison] HA-OOH!

Henrik Sedin: Just there Clouston's barbarians huddle, sheer terror gripping tight their hearts with icy fingers... knowing full well what merciless horrors they suffered at the sticks and checks of the twenty. Yet they stare now across the ice at one French Canadian commanding twenty free Canadians, Swedes, Americans, Czechs, Germans and Danes! HA-OOH!

Canucks Roster: [in unison] HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!

Henrik Sedin: The enemy outnumber us a paltry 909 to one, good odds for any Canuck. This day we rescue a world from Eugene Melnyk's criminality, Jarkko Ruutu's bites, Jason Spezza's cackle and Daniel Alfredsson's playoff predictions and usher in a future brighter than anything we can imagine.

[puts on his helmet]

Henrik Sedin: Give thanks, men, to Vigneault and his brave twenty! TO VICTORY!

[the Canucks roar and charge the ice]

Go Canucks.