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It's Saturday! What Are You Watchin'? Canucks Game Day Open Thread

FYI, our Canucks-Kings Game Preview can be found here. I will add any news updates to that post. Many have put their predictions up already. Please keep predictions in that post.

The Canucks-Kings Game Thread should be up at 6:00 PST at which time the comments for this thread will be closed.

God, I love Saturdays. So many games on tap today. What are you watching? I am a Hockey Night in Canada homer myself, so I'll be watching the Leafs-Senators and Canadiens-Penguins games simultaneously.

You asked for a Game Day Open Thread, you got it! For the record, PK Subban is overrated! And the Leafs are making the playoffs! Discuss! OK, a serious question for discussion: Do the Canucks really need a goon? Is Kevin Bieksa our new main fighter in a goon role? Should Ryan Kesler refrain from fighting since he is such a huge part of this team? Are you comfortable with him dropping the gloves? Enjoy the festivities!