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Schaefer Signed / Press Conference Today / More Canucks News

The Cell
The Cell
  • Update: Tambellini has been recalled. [@WalkerBigTalker]. Bolduc and Cory Schneider as well.
  • As leaked by Gord MacIntyre Wednesday night, Peter Schaefer signed a 1-year, 2-way deal on Thursday worth $600,000.
  • Kristin Reid is reporting on Twitter tonight that the Canucks will hold a press this morning at 10:00 AM PST not to announce the new team captain, but to officially unveil the new Rogers Arena (edit: talk about arena improvements, fan initiatives....blah blah). Oh be still my beating heart. I'm still not ready to bury "GM Place" and "The Garage" yet. Still no nickname for the new arena, even though many have been suggested, including, comically, "The Phone Booth". Who knows though. Maybe the team will surprise us and announce the new captain anyway.
  • Mrs. Reid also tweeted that Rick Rypien (bruised ribs) is 7-10 days away from playing and that Tanner Glass is still recovering from a throat infection. He will be a late decision for Saturday's game against the Kings.
  • Tony Gallagher has a soft sentimental side? When it comes to the man Tom Larscheid, yes he does. That is a must read. Larscheid will do color commentary for the final game in his long career Saturday. He will be missed.
  • Lee Sweatt has been sent back to Manitoba, as he is no longer needed for salary cap purposes.
  • 20 Canucks questions answered by the most popular Canucks mainstream writers. Way to stay positive there, Brad Ziemer!
  • During the past three years, Luongo's toughest month has been October. He is 16-17 with a 2.89 GAA and a .902 save percentage.

    But don't tell Lou that.
    He's ready to roll.
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