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A Bit of Squid (October 6th)

Good morning, everyone.  Relax, I'm doing just fine, I've come to the "acceptance" stage of the grief for my precious SOB being traded away.  I will most definitely miss that gorgeous hunk.  Oh well, I guess Alexander Edler will have to pick up the slack....

Obviously, Gillis had a big day yesterday, making that trade.  However, as Sean pointed out, he's not done yet.  One thing he's looking into is trading Darcy Hordichuk away, which I would greatly support if he can sucker another GM into taking him for a bag of pucks actually JUST HAPPENED!!!!!  Kypreos says that he's been traded to the Panthers (does Gillis have some friendship with their GM or something?) for Andrew PetersOfficial press release here.

As I was saying before the news broke, another issue that is also scheduled to be resolved in the next couple of days is the captaincy.  I am on high alert for that breaking news already, and can't wait to find out who takes the C.

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