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The SOB Era Ends; Vancouver Picks Up Ryan Parent & Jonas Andersson

Mike Gillis could be the devil. But damn it he's our devil.

In one single move, he reduced some of his cap hell, got a serviceable project defenseman (if healthy) and dumped a headache.

What did YOU do this morning huh?

Vancouver moved the recently-waived Shane O'Brien along with the recent Moose cut Dan Gendur to Nashville for Ryan Parent and Jonas Andersson (Parent promptly went to waivers so hold your breath for now). We all know SOB's story, but for the record: SOB has long been a thorn in the side of Vigneault and Gillis, a guy he plucked out of Tampa and got some decent mileage out of, but one who routinely had problems keeping his mouth shut and playing the game. He toned down his own goal and PIM problems last year (though still was the worst player from a penalty +/- perspective) and showed some limited upside in the playoffs, but the key word there is definitely limited. This preseason he couldn't outplay noted-Norris trophy runner-up Andrew Alberts for the final roster spot. SOB will give Nashville some bulk, but he'll give Barry Trotz a seizure if his game slides south any further.

Enter Ryan Parent who, at $925,000 this season, saves Vancouver $675,000 in the long run. Parent was on Philadelphia who moved him to Nashville for the rights to Dan Hamhuis only to see Hammer sign in Vancouver. Parent was selected by Nashville eight spots after Luc Bourdon in the 2005 draft and was part of the 2007 NAS-PHI trade for Peter Forsberg.

If he passes waivers and remains a Canuck, Parent is a mixed bag. If you're a pessimist, you see a guy who hasn't been the definition of durable in his short career and was one of the worst Flyers defenseman at even strength, the worst at +/- and received very little icetime in the playoffs. On the flip side, he's a good size, cheap, decent on the penalty kill (which is good for a team with a terrible PK) and can handle the basics of the game when healthy. Somewhat similar to SOB when he arrived, he's a project and a guy who - if necessary - can be dropped on the third pairing and should be responsible with select minutes without becoming a liability. That's all speculation of course: Parent needs some time to ensure he's healthy and can compete regularly at the NHL level. Whether he does that with Vancouver or not is a coin toss.

As for Andersson, to say he's a long-shot is an understatement. Picked 33rd overall in the 1999 draft (same one that saw the Sedins go second and third respectively) he's spent the majority of his career in Sweden and will be given playing time in Manitoba to showcase his stuff and acclimate to the pace of the North American game. Perhaps he and Shirokov will be the best of friends? OTF has more on Andersson who, just so you know, was NOT voted the worst draft pick in Nashville history. Phew!

Clearly it's a money dump, but certainly not a bad one with Vancouver's cap reality.