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Plenty Of Roster Decisions Coming For The Canucks

I like the Schaefer, but his time may be up.....for now
I like the Schaefer, but his time may be up.....for now

With the imminent return of Alexandre Burrows by November 2 (reportedly) and Rick Rypien's suspension being served and concluding on (I believe by November 6 versus the Red Wings), the question for the Canucks is which bottom 3 or 6 players get bounced when these guys return. Before I state the obvious, I'd like to point out some stats of 3 of our current bottom forwards/ bubble players.

  • Peter Schaefer: 9 games played, 1 goal 0 assists, -1, 9 shots on goal, 11 hits (10th on the team), 5 blocked shots, 1 give away, 4 take aways, a constant demotion process as days go by, reduced ice time.
  • Guillaume Desbiens: 9 games played, zero points, -2, 2 shots on goal, 18 hits (3rd on the team), 3 blocked shots (keep in mind he isn't given PK minutes), no giveaways, 1 takeaway, ice time all over the map as games/AV sees fit.
  • Tanner Glass: 9 games played, 1 assist, -2, 4 shots on goal, 15 hits (7th on the team), 2 blocked shots, 1 giveaway, 3 takeaways, ice time also all over the map depending on PP's, PK's, AV mindset.

I can simplify which of the 3 gets bumped when Burrows/Rypien returns. It won't be Tanner Glass, as he has a 1-way contract unlike Desbiens and Schaefer. I guess the other question that remains is the fate of Jeff Tambellini, who was the odd man out until he drew in with the injuries and played quite well. Tambellini will play with the Sedins again on November 1 when the Canucks host the Devils, according to NHL Network. He also has a 2-way contract. After that game, Burrows returns to the lineup and that is where the mysteries remain.

Rick Rypien is the only natural center listed, I think he will draw back in as soon as his suspension is served, as he is the natural center with Alexandre Bolduc injured long term. With that being the case, the bottom six, with Burrows and Rypien's returns may shape up as follows:



I think Tambellini needs to be on this roster. His shootout prowess has been observed repeatedly. His speed and finish are desired. We don't need a goon-infested 4th line, so Desbiens, despite his great efforts, rides the pine. Schaefer has been invisible to me. I think his time has ended.

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree?

*Note: I did not include Jannik Hansen in this post because...well....Hansen not only has a 1-way contract but is also a beast.