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Reminder: Nucks Misconduct Meet Up Is 25 Days Away


A gentle reminder for you sexy commentators, lurkers and haters alike that our first meet-up is a few weeks away. If you're free that evening, of sound mind and body (always negotiable) and feel like hating on the Blackhawks with a throng of folks who you've never met, do we have the place for you!

Date: Saturday, November 20, 2010 (6:00 PM-ish)

Location: The Forum Sports Bar - - 1163 Granville Street

We'll have our own section reserved to imbibe, eat and put faces to names while also meeting like-minded fans from other fan sites including Canucks Hockey Blog who deserve a special shoutout for helping Sean and I with the location.

Joke excuses will not be tolerated and will invite several cat o' nine tail lashings.