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Say hello to the twenty-first century!: Canucks & Avs

It's the wily Hejduk beast! Don't scare him, we get a reward if we shoot it in the head.

Next Game

Colorado Avalanche
@ Vancouver Canucks

Tuesday, Oct 26, 2010, 7:00 PM PDT
Rogers Arena

Enemy Blog: Mile High Hockey

Enemy Pro: Three BC natives on their roster: David Van Der Gulik, Brandon Yip & Kyle Cumiskey. Also Breckenridge.

Enemy Con: Employing Adam Foote = Double facepalm. Also Rocky Mountain Oysters (don't click if you're squeamish).

Complete Coverage >

As we're doing that whole 40th celebration thing, it's worth pointing that a decade ago (2000-01) was another milestone of sorts: a return to respectability. Since then we've enjoyed four NW crowns and missed the playoffs only twice. At the turn of the last decade Burke's plan was taking shape, the dark forces of Keenan and Messier had left and it was the first season that the Canucks had the WCE going.

Of course at the time Colorado was a wee bit better. The two would meet in the first round that year and the fact the first three games were decided by a goal is a victory in and of itself. The Avs were the definition of sick: Sakic, Forsberg, Hejduk, Tanguay, Drury, Deadmarsh, Ray f'ing Bourque and that clownish chap in net. We didn't stand a chance, but it set the table for a decade of battles in which we learned to hate all those names and a few more along the way (expect Sakic who, as the BC guy, we deluded ourselves into thinking he'd defect one day and play for Vancouver).

Ah memories. I went back and looked at some numbers over the past decade. A sampling:

  • Excluding the playoffs, Vancouver is 25-23-2-2 with 5 SO losses against Colorado since 2000 (162 goals for, 184 goals against)
  • Outside of Edmonton, Peter Forsberg destroyed the Canucks, better than a point per game.
  • Outside of Calgary and Edmonton, Markus Naslund feasted on the Avs. Curiously no game winners.
  • Keeping our Swedish theme, Dank and Hank have also beat up the Avs though, true to form, both their +/- against Colorado are the worst in comparison with any other team
  • Canuck killer Milan Hejduk's rap sheet: 67 career games against Vancouver (career best), 35 goals (career best), 60 points (career best), 26 ESG (career best), 9 GWG (career best). KEEP THE MOTHER PUCKING PUCK AWAY FROM THIS MOTHERPUCKING PUCKER.

Is it also sheer coincidence that I hate the Avs and AV? Probably not.

Ah well, we got nothing else until next week. Better make this one count. At least with Halloween around the corner there's plenty of movies on the tee vee to watch. In that vein, an Army of Darkness quote:

Well, hello Mr. Fancy Pants. I got news for you, pal. Right now you aint leadin' but two things: jack & shit. And jack left town.

Coconuts go.