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A Bit of Dessert

With me working 2 days in a row where the 2nd day is now also a 9-5:30, and all the guys up to their jobs and housework, an evening Squid was necessary tonight, to carry you guys over.  To keep you all entertained this evening, your links:

  • recap of last night's game against the Wild.  The Canucks don't play again until Tuesday against the Avalanche.
  • Friday's scores, Saturday's current results (games still in progress, check out the Oilers and Sharks on CBC in a couple minutes), and Sunday's schedule.
  • Some pics from last night's game.  A couple of those are really good ones.  Especially looking deep into the eyes of the "Soulless Ginger".
  • What's thisScott Hartnell no longer looks like a caveman?!?!?!
  • Erik Ersberg has cleared waivers after the Kings ditched him.  The Swedish goalie is expected to head to the KHL.
  • Finally, be sure to check out the AHL on CBC tomorrow at 10:00am PDT.  The Hamilton Bulldogs (aka baby Canadiens, the team that eliminated the Moose from the playoffs last year) host the newly-founded Oklahoma City Barons (baby Oilers).