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Your Morning Coffee- Wednesday October 20

I would really rather talk about the piss-poor effort turned in by the Canucks last night.  To a man, that was an unacceptable game against a team we should wipe the floor with.  For whatever reason, they decided to just not show, and lose 2 valuable divisional points.  But all we are going to hear about for the rest of the season is how Rick Rypien is a monster, the Canucks are a team of goons, etc.  The hyperbole is flying so thick right now I need a damn shower.  I do not condone what Rypien did in any way, shape or form, regardless of what was said, or done to him.  Once again however, we have a preventable incident that shows the NHL is completely clueless at times.  More after the jump...

My issues with the incident are all about how this was allowed to happen in the first place.  Huge at the top of this list is game management by the officials.  You let this fight between Rypien and Staubitz happen and that's the end of it.  Instead you get a linesman who went above and beyond to keep this from happening, aggressively manhandling Rypien.  Totally uncalled for.  Second, as has brought up by many people: why was there nothing separating Rypien from the fans and vice versa?  This is not the first time this type of incident has happened nor will it be the last, but this doesn't happen if there's glass there, like so many other arenas.  And finally, security.  Event security didn't bat an eye until after the incident.  Fail on their part.  If reports that this fan was actively vocal to the bench the entire game are true, then security should have recognized the potential for trouble.  Having done concert security in the past I can tell you from experience, good security means spotting potential hazards and eliminating their chance to get to that point.

So what now?  Well I guess in one way there's a good thing about all of this.  We're used to the kind of OTT frenzy that is building up.  There will be many trying to paint Rypien as Todd Bertuzzi version 2.0.  And people I admire and respect will be out to convince you this is the worst thing that happened, EVER!!!1!!  The fact is, the whole incident leaves me a little sad for Rypien.  Here's the part where I stress: PLEASE READ WHAT I AM SAYING CAREFULLY BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE HAVE A TENDENCY TO MISINTERPRET THINGS THAT I SAY.  Does Rick Rypien deserve the suspension?  Absolutely.  There is no defense for this incredibly stupid and selfish act.  So what am I saying when I mention it makes me a little sad?  I feel bad that a guy who has been through a lot of personal issues, ones that the team stood by him through, appears to have thrown away his career.  Rypien is a skilled fighter, has decent hands and has always been one of the hardest working guys on the team.  It sucks to think that one mistake is gonna see his days with the Canucks come to a close.  That being said, some of you can take your vocal hysterionics and stuff 'em.  Being a Canucks fan and even feeling bad that the guy let his temper get the best of him does NOT mean you support what he did.