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A Bit of Squid (October 2nd)

UPDATE: According to Minneapolis Star Tribune writer Mike Russo, Darcy Hordichuk and Shane O`Brien hit the waiver wires this morning.  I am most definitely keeping my eyes open for confirmation Jim Jamieson and Dan Murphy both just confirmed it.  Goodbye, SOB, the Vancouver girls will miss you.  As for you, Hordi, bugger off.

Well, that was a better game last night.  The main reason why the Ducks didn't run away with the score in the first 30 minutes was because Cory Schneider was most definitely on his game.  Mason Raymond got a nice shorthanded goal set up by Peter Schaefer, Alexander Edler used his patented shot to get a powerplay goal, and Daniel Sedin had a "shot" that was fired into the crowd bounce from Henrik's skate to Henrik's stick to the back of the net for the game-winner.  Ryan Kesler would get the empty-netter to secure both a 4-2 win and his Gordie Howe hat trick (he assisted on MayRay's goal, and fought bitter rival Corey Perry).

Speaking of the Keslord, I think last night's outing was not only his best of the preseason, but it helped show some of the qualities that would make him a great captain for this team.  He was very much involved in the game, which is something a captain needs to do every night.  He wears his heart on his sleeve, which is great because it helps with interactions between other teammates, management, officials, and even the media.  The captaincy is one of the many things management will be talking about in the next week.  Speaking of that, the White Towel says they are meeting about roster cuts today, and will make those cuts tomorrow.

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