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Nut up or shut up: Canucks & Wild

Always a pleasure to be back in Minnesota.
Always a pleasure to be back in Minnesota.

Next Game

Vancouver Canucks
@ Minnesota Wild

Tuesday, Oct 19, 2010, 6:00 PM PDT
Xcel Energy Center

Enemy Blog: Hockey Wilderness

Enemy Pro: They have a Port McNeill native in D-man Clayton Stoner. Queue up the drug joke in 3...2...1...

Enemy Con: Why is Cal Clutterbuck still alive? Also lutefisk.

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OK, no one panic. If you count Burrows and Salo, that's five injuries in five games. So stop counting damn it.

Maybe we should have seen this coming. Brian Burke was wrong all those years ago; this isn't a goalie graveyard, it's a defensive infirmary. Ohlund's eye, Jovanovski's abdomen, Sopel's cracker, Krajicek's frequent maladies, Mitchell's head, Bieksa and skate blades, Lukowich's back, Salo being himself, Ballard's head and now Hammy's foot. Granted Hamhuis may simply be resting for tomorrow night's battle, but regardless, someone bubble wrap Edler and keep Ehrhoff away from grease spills.

If you're not a fan of Hamhuis yet, keep that in mind when the Wild's #1 PP hits the ice and he's not there.

On the other end of the ice, the Wild should cancel their preseason Caribbean cruise since someone forgot to clean their hands after the buffet and is spreading the flu around their locker room. They also have some scoring problems...see this? Doesn't your heart bleed to know an ex-Blackhawk and two ex-Flames are struggling? I haven't felt this sad since Bambi's mom ate lead.

Some walking wounded on each side seems like a fine time to invoke the zombie apocalypse theme.

When Tallahassee goes Hulk on a zombie, he sets the standard for "not to be fucked with".

Columbus, Zomebieland

OK, I never wrote this sentence before, but here goes: it's time to be like Columbus. Tonight's the Hors d'œuvre before tomorrow's main course. Time to chow down and get all big and fat (even though that's against the #1 Zombieland rule).

Go Canucks.