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Your Morning Coffee- Monday October 18

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That's a little more like it.  A solid team effort against a rested Carolina team (sorry, Eurotrip be damned, this is way too early in the year to complain about fatigue) with the secondary scoring getting on the board.  It was weird though.  I was looking at the stats on and it said Andrew Alberts scored.  This, for those of you unfamiliar with it, is the first sign of the apocalypse.  Not too worried though, as sign #2 is Sarah Palin getting her own 'reality' tv show.  No one's dumb enough to do that, right?  More after the jump...

I missed the first two periods of the game, but it looks fairly apparent that the 'Canes should have made Cam Ward pay for the drinks at the Roxy last night, giving up 5 goals on just 28 shots.  Corey Schneider was great for the Canucks, giving up a lone goal and making 32 saves.  After that thoroughly disappointing California road swing, it was nice to see the 'Nucks get things back on track before a couple big games this week.  I was a little surprised to see Schneider in tonight with the Canucks in a back to back situation Tuesday and Wednesday.  An important divisional match and our first crack at the ScumHawks, seems to me playing Schneids tomorrow would make sense.  But what do I know?

Nice to see Samuelsson, Raymond and Kesler get on the board last night.  And how about Manny Malholtra?  15-1 for 94% in the faceoff circle and a +1 in just over 13 minutes.  That is why Mike Gillis went out and got him.  He is the Anti-Wellwood.  Bieksa and Hamhuis were good as well, with a combined +4 and 3 blocked shots. 

Good god, there's still turkey left?  Fine... Turkey pancakes it is :O

Some interesting games on the slate tonight, most notably the Leafs looking to go an unbelievable 5-0 as they take on the Isles.  My thoughts?  The could go 10-0 to start and it won't matter.  This team is still missing the playoffs.  And be warned, Leafs fans.  Your Clarke MacArthur idolatry shall bring nothing but misery.  I give him two weeks before he's injured, and the suck returns...

Dallas is also 4-0, and being the warm hearted guy I am, I say it is 90% because of Marty 'Crybaby' Turco no longer wearing the black & green.  The good news?  He will use his waning skills and piss poor attitude to help Chicago this season. 

It's time for... The Nucks Misconduct Concussion Counter (tm)

It's been a while since I updated, and we got in on the action here too, unfortunately.  The count is now 12 with the addition of Keith Ballard.  Ballard suffered the injury against Los Angeles and is out indefinitely.  St. Louis' Cam Janssen could be out for a while with a concussion/bruised sternum and Detroit's Johan Franzen is questionable for Thursday against the Flames.  And if you haven't seen the Shane Doan blindside hit on Dan Sexton last night, Puck Daddy has a good post on it, along with video.  This is the kind of hit they wanted to stop, and while not as vicious as some of the ones we saw last year, the zero tolerance mindset they have stated will happen will likely see the Phoenix captain get a suspension over this.