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A Bit of Bad Weather

Tonight, the Canucks host the Carolina Hurricanes, who have yet to play a real home game this season.  They were among the teams who played in the European exhibition games a couple weeks ago, which included a preseason match against a KHL team in Russia and 2 games against the Wild in Helsinki.  They then went to Ottawa, where they lost to the Senators on Thursday night, and now they're here.  After tonight's game, they visit the Sharks, Kings and Coyotes, before going back to Raleigh for their 1st real home game of the season on the 27th.  Seriously, that's nearly as bad as the first leg of our Olympic road trip last year.  What's also unfortunate for them, of course, is that the Canucks need to get a win, and ideally at their expense.

A couple links after the jump (it's a sleep-in Sunday).