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A Bit of a Reminder

Yes, I know you're all expecting me to freak out about last night's loss.  Unfortunately for you, that's not happening.  A major reason for this is because I was working last night, and only managed to catch the 3rd period because I stopped at the pub on my way home.  I was a little disappointed to see that we were down 2-0, but I also realized that, providing the trend would continue from last year, we could easily at least retie it.  I was very happy to see that sick goal that went from Daniel Sedin to Henrik Sedin to Daniel to the back of the net.  However, I was incredibly disappointed to see Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar do the exact same thing a couple minutes later.  That 3rd-period collapse was bad.

Overnight, I came to a very important realization: it's only October. This is the 3rd season where I've paid attention to Canucks hockey in October, and so far all 3 have had rough starts.  Remember when Craig Anderson shut us out in the 2nd game of 2009-2010?  Or when the Capitals whipped us 5-0 in October 2008?  We've been having rough starts to seasons for a couple years now.  The important thing to realize is that, a couple weeks from now, it'll be our good month: November.  For example, in early November 2008, Roberto Luongo reset the franchise record for longest streak of not allowing any goals.  In November 2009, we returned the favour and whipped the Avalanche 8-2, which included the hat trick that started Hank's Art Ross race.  My point is that we need to stop freaking out about only having 1 win in our first 4 games, because at some point soon we'll hit another hot streak.

Enough rambling for now.  Links after the jump.