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A Bit of Coup d'Etat

It's okay, everyone, I've mellowed off since yesterday's pessimism.  Besides, no matter how bad the Canucks are doing, the current Flames can always find a way to do worse.  Seriously, getting shut out by the Panthers, having your top line still failing to register any points, and having the entire Saddledome booing you isn't too good for your team... But enough schadenfreude for now.  We visit the Kings tonight, and will try to get more than just a shootout loss this time around.

Links after the jump.

  • Added (11:55): The Stars have put once-highly touted Swede Fabian Brunnstrom on waivers.
  • Added: Sunday night's game against the Hurricanes will be dedicated to the Hockey Fights Cancer Awareness Month, and Christian Ehrhoff shares his story of how his dad overcame Hodgkin's lymphoma.
  • AddedPension Plan Puppets looks at other NHL stats we don't get to see too often.  Did anyone else realize that the Kings are the youngest team overall?
  • game preview.
  • Last night's scores, and today's games.
  • Yes, it's true, Pascal Leclaire got hurt.  Again.  No updates yet, but here's video.
  • Johan Franzen also got hurt last night.  Same as above:  no updates yet, but here's that video.
  • Nick Foligno has been fined for an illegal check to the head.  Here's video.
  • Down on the farm, the Moose have their home opener against Grand Rapids tonight, while Victoria kicks off their season in Idaho.
  • Finally, on a non-hockey-related note, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are having rallies in Washington DC on October 30th that will now be at the same place.  Check out Rally to Restore Sanity and Keep Fear Alive for information.  Also, vote on rally signs at Sane or Not, and rally costumes at Spooky or Dooky.