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It's The Burrows and Luongo Show! Canucks 4 Coyotes 0

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Big hat tip to SteveNux for sharing his photo creation (above).

It kind of went like this:

Alright game....tentative....Burrows scores!....Damn you Taylor Pyatt! You just killed Aaron Rome!.....Geez the Canucks are getting outshot badly in the second period....Great save Luongo....Mason Raymond's first career penalty shot!....Damn!.....Geezus the Canucks are getting outshot badly in the 2nd...Stopped by Luongo....Big Willie highsticks Sami Salo and he's bleeding profusely.... Another stop by Luongo......Samuelsson scores!....So sucky for you Phoenix....Burrows scores again!....Salo returns?! He only has one eye left! Hell freezes over.....Burrows scores again! All hail Mr. Everything!....Damn! Hordichuk just corked Bissonette!...Game over!...Suck it, Jovo!

Maybe not quite the exact order of events but close. To continue on with this strange recap, here are some images:


Damn, Rome, I think your cheek is still on the ice. Better pick it up and freeze it!


4 goals in 2 games for Burrows!


"If only Willie's stick was 6" shorter..."


After Bryzgalov stops Raymond on the penalty shot MayRay says: "Fuck!..... Nice work, man."


Burrows scores his 5th goal in 2 games.


Are you fricking kidding me?! Burrows scores his hat trick goal and hats fall from the sky. Somewhere out there Petri Skriko kicks over his coffee table and beats his kids.


"....and this one's for your mother!"



1. Bank: 6 goals in 2 games..who would have thought?

2. Lank: Saved our butts in the 2nd period when the Canucks were outshot 16-5.

3. Hank: 3 assists and sole possession of 1st spot in NHL scoring. You gotta get 3 points now, Joe.

Ed Jovanovski proved why I don't miss him in a Canucks all. How did you enjoy the first hand look at all 3 Burrows goals Ed? How's that -3 treating you? Yeah, sleep tight.