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You're All Not Very Shy Are You?


The uberlords at SBN were kind enough to send Sean and I some end of the year stats on Nucks Misconduct. We were here for 11 months of 2009 and added 840 members, 650 published stories, 307 Fanposts, 582 Fanshots and 53,318 comments. Not bad at all.

And for those of you who were curious who commented the most? Ignoring Sean and I, here are the 2009 winners.

Most Active Nucks Misconduct Commenters
User Count
cyxj 3058
missy 2911
yoata 2349
Smoboy41 1555
GZ Expat 1451
Beantown Canuck 1402
Temujin 1394
vancitydan 1373


Of course, now we need to crush these totals for 2010. No excuses, get chatty! Perhaps we'll put up a prize for the top commentator or the most Fanposts/Fanshots submitted.

In the meantime - once again - thanks to all you guys and gals for contributing as often as you do and for helping make this such a fun, engaging community.