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Colin Campbell Tells Stephane Auger's Side Of The Story

Campbell told the Fan590 today that Auger did not "share the recollection of the pregame chat caught on camera."  Basically, Auger told Campbell that he told Burrows pregame that he only called the major penalty on Jerred Smithson after he hit Burrows because Alex embellished his injury. Auger said he told Burrows that he "didn't need him to help him in that context" and that "he didn't appreciate Burrows embellishing plays like that in the future." 

Campbell also said:

"We didn't think our official said what Alex Burrows said he did," Campbell said. "Regarding the "I'm going to get you" — we didn't see any physical reaction from Alexandre Burrows on the tape. We thought there might be. Secondly, we didn't hear anything about it during the game, our officials."

"I mentioned this to Alexandre: 'Did you mention this to your coaches that this is what this guy said to me?'" Campbell said. "Then, once he had the dive called on him, you'd think he'd probably go and say 'Hey, he told me he was going to do this.'"

Of course, there was no 3rd party to confirm what  Auger said to Burrows in that conversation so that's the end of that.

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