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Canucks Prospects Vs Golden Bears Game Thread

UPDATE: Canucks win 4-3 and, from the sounds of it, took a ton of penalties. Those kids really do follow the vets huh?


Hopefully this stream will work when the game kicks on tonight (6:00 PM PST). If not, maybe the Team 1040 will have it. Probably not, but hey, it's been many months since we could roll out a game day thread so enjoy. Let the Shirokovian era begin!

In other news, @NHLupdate just tweeted this earlier:

Canucks invite Keith Carney and Ronald Petrovicky

I'm walking out the door so I can't confirm it, just passing it along. I trust you're as psyched as I would be for second-timer Carney to be the potential one millionth defenseman of the Canucks this offseason. Hooray!