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Your $4 million dollar man Pavol Demitra is still injured

Eat your heart out Sami Salo. No wait, don't. Just go sit very still over there in the corner.

The last time we saw Mr. Demitra was when he checked himself out of the second round series with Chicago by colliding with Brian Campbell. It was after the series we learned he had a torn rotator cuff and Demo had surgery shortly after Vancouver packed up GM Place for the summer.

Today we've learned Mr. Demitra isn't quite ready:

"I'm not quite there yet, I still have another month and a half to go and we'll see how it goes," Demitra said after skating on his own Tuesday. "The shoulder is not quite strong enough yet."

He hopes to be back in six weeks or, roughly, mid October. But rotator cuff injuries can be tricky and Demitra isn't know for his epic durability, so get used to a few more weeks of wondering what magic Gillis needs to move him now when we'll see his contributions again on the ice.

Here is a video of the Demitra interview with the media today after his skate.