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News And Links For Prospect Camp Day1

UPDATE (8:23 PM): I think it's fair to say that Yann Sauve will not make the club. Read on.

UPDATE (8:02 PM): Evan Oberg blogged at about his hometown in Alberta, his family, and how he is coping with the pressures of Camp. There will be more from Oberg tomorrow.

UPDATE (7:09 PM): More on Prospects Day 1 from, including what we already know about Hodgson's back, Kellan Tochkin and some humorous stuff from Sergei Shirokov:

Following an uncomfortable few minutes during which the more bold reporters attempted to coax some English answers out of Sergei Shirokov - who gamely stood in front of the lights and did his best to answer to no avail – CBC’s Karen Larson mercifully signaled the end of the scrum after Shirokov stood frozen after being asked describe his style of game. She stepped away in surrender saying, “Okay, we tried.”

The young Russian drifted slowly out of the room. He paused at the door, turned, and apologized to the crowd of reporters: “Sorry, maybe next time.”

A reporter asked, “When will that be?”

His response: “Couple of months?!?”

That can be heard from the link to Shirokov audio below.

UPDATE: ...and the photo gallery from day one of prospects camp.


UPDATE: Found some more pictures and the first videos I've seen (second one is Shirokov) as well as another first hand account from Wet Coast Sports:




UPDATE: Team 1040 has audio clips with Vigneault, Hodgson and Shirokov. Also has some one on ones with Evan Oberg, Kellan Tochkin, Kevin Connaugton, Prab Rai, Mario Bliznak and Yann Sauve.

Lots of good stuff is popping up on too, including this new Fan Zone piece that has positive pieces on Walsky and Oberg.


UPDATE: From a commenter at CDC who was there: It was packed. Barely any standing room left. Great to see that.

Everyone seemed rusty, which is totally understandable.

Cody looked pretty good out there. Good speed and mobility. Shooting, not so much, but then again no one really stood out for me.

Sergei looked a bit lost. Good speed but shaky hands. Give him a few days to gel in.


Finally! The Vancouver Canucks' 2009-10 season from an on-ice infancy perspective begins today with Prospects Camp. From here, the lull in the news front is over. We are going to give you all the news and links to provide you with a hub for info.

Alain Vigneault addressed the press today before Camp started. He mentioned that this is (obviously) the first that the coaching staff has seen of most of these prospects. Today, Scott Arniel is "in charge" of the prospects.

Cody Hodgson (back) is cleared to skate but "no contact" during the first few practices. They expect him to be ready by September 12th. AV mentioned that Hodgson is no different than anyone else. He's not a shoe-in. But AV liked how Cody has handled expectations and pressure on him in the past. There's "a lot of leaders in the Canucks group that can help him progress."

Mike has more on what Cody Hodgson is saying about his injury just below this post.

On Shirokov: "It's says a lot about Shirokov to leave his home country for this kind of (less) money."

Prospect defenceman Kevin Connaugton talks about leaving school to play for the Giants and Prospects Camp as well.