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Bad Back Sidelines Cody Hodgson



Cody Hodgson's back bad - first suffered back in July that kept him out of Team Canada's summer camp - will also keep him out of contact drills and both prospect games later this week:

"It's not progressing the way I'd like it to," Hodgson said. "I didn't know how bad it was at Hockey Canada. Once we had the doctors look at it there we realized it was going to take a little longer.

The Sun mentions a different Cody quote:

"It’s really improving but obviously it’s not improving the way I hoped it would. It will take a little bit longer. We want to make sure it’s cleared up. There is no sense rushing back. We just want to make sure it’s good to go for any contact."

Cody's injury comes after a grueling 14 months of hockey, including 120 games last season alone. Good to get those pesky injuries out of the way right at the beginning of the year, eh?

Heal up Cody, destiny awaits (and all that jazz).