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Pick Your Canucks' All-Time Roster

Smyl_medium I saw this posted on the CDC boards weeks ago and figured it would be a decent conversational piece.  Pick your all-time best Canucks roster by position. It will vary because of different age levels from our readers and Canucks fan experiences but that's ok. The newb fans can get an education in the process.  This may help jog your memories a tad. Pick the players as to how they performed in a Canucks uniform, or by your favorites. Explain why you picked who you did if necessary. It doesn't matter how long you've been a Canucks fan. Give it a shot.

Here's mine:


Markus Naslund-Stan Smyl-Pavel Bure

Daniel Sedin-Trevor Linden-Henrik Sedin

Alex Mogilny-Brendan Morrison-Thomas Gradin

Tony Tanti-Don Lever-Greg Adams


Doug Lidster-Mattias Ohlund

Dave Babych-Ed Jovanovski

Harold Snepsts-Jyrki Lumme


Roberto Luongo-Kirk McLean


Forwards: Darcy Rota, Cliff Ronning, Todd Bertuzzi, Gino Odjick (gotta have a brute on reserve!)

Defence: Rick Lanz, Garth Butcher (see Odjick), Jim Sandlak, Brett Hedican, Sami Salo

Goaltender: Richard Brodeur


Yay? Nay? If you disagree with me so much then post your own picks!

Length of service+Production+Effectiveness played a role in my decisions.