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Mathieu Schneider's Bonuses Broken Down

Bonus_medium According to Capgeek on Twitter, it appears that the 40-year-old's contract will break down like this:

He'll get $250,000 at different intervals: 40, 50, 60 and 70 games played. The weird twist is that he has to play at least 15:00 per game. That's not too difficult is it? He had no problem doing that last year. There's no link to any story to confirm this. I'm taking Capgeek at his word here. I don't know when or where the mainstream media will clarify or confirm this. Capgeek has Schneider making potentially  $1.2 million in bonuses on his website. The math doesn't add up, but I'm sure there's a few other quirks in Schneider's bonuses, like, whenever Sami Salo winces in pain, Schneider gets $500... or something like that.