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'Twas the Night Before Puck Drop

Well, it's finally here folks! The Canucks season kicks off tomorrow against our old arch-rival, and season opener punching bag, the Calgary Flames. In honour of this exciting day, I present to you a poem, inspired by "The Night Before Christmas." Originally I was going to mimic the whole thing, but it turns out the poem is pretty frickin' long - so consider this an abridged version.

I'm sure we will all be going to bed tonight with visions of Stanley dancing in our heads. Or visions of Rick Rypien tuning Brandon Prust. Either way, enjoy the poem and LET'S DROP THE DAMN PUCK ALREADY!!!


'Twas the night before puck drop, and throughout GM Place

Nothing was stirring - not puck, stick nor skate.

The jerseys were hung in the dressing room, good,

With an XXXL one for Kyle Wellwood.

Hansen's hand was snuggled all tight in a cast,

And Hodgson is sad ‘cause his pro stint didn't last.

MG, wiping his brow, and AV, plotting traps,

Had just got the roster under the cap.

When out in streets there arose such a riot,

Female 'Nucks fans longing for Pyatt -

Sure Luongo is go(o)d, but he's not such a looker.

But we all hope he thrives in this year's pressure cooker.

The moon on the streets of quiet Vancouver

Lit a city that soon would be gripped by 'Nucks fever.

When, what to my wondering eyes should I see?

Swedish twins! (Sadly not of the hot variety.)

And two agitators, Burrows and Kesler,

Who can be more obnoxious than professional wrestlers.

And more rapid than eagles, a speedster named Mason,

Who, along with Steve Bernier ,20-goals will be chasin'.

And another Swede, with Cup pedigree,

As well as a Rocket, a new Russian mystery.

And three solid grinders, who check and who fight,

Who fly under the radar out of the spotlight.

"Now Edler! Now Ehrhoff! Now Salo, Bieksa!

On SOB! On Lukowich! On Mitchell! On Schnieder!

To the boards to make hits! To the ice to block shots!

Now score on the PP, now score lots and lots!"

So cried Vigneault, as he leapt from his bed,

As visions of Stanley danced through his head.

Canucks fans rejoiced, as the dawn finally broke -

Hockey is back, and everyone's stoked.

"The season is here," we yell and we cheer,

And we hope, and we pray, that this is the year.

So I say to Canuckland, as the season starts up: