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Canucks Blogger Roundtable, Part II

Samuelsson and Hodgson.
Samuelsson and Hodgson.

On the eve of the start of another beautiful hockey season, the Canucks blogger roundtable rolls on.

We did our first round a few weeks ago, debating what type of season Ryan Kesler is destined to have and what to do with Cory Schneider.

Cam from Canucks Army is hosting the second round, so head on over to read the discussion with Canucks Hockey Blog, Canucks Corner, Nucks Misconduct, 24 Hours and The Sports Corner about Sergei Shirokov, Cody Hodgson and how Gillis gets the team back under the cap.

Keep in mind we all answered these a few days ago so some of the questions have already been answered but it's fun to see who guessed correctly.