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Will the League Investigate Luongo's Contract?

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ESPN's Pierre LeBrun thinks so. He said in a post yesterday:

Not to rain on anyone's parade in Vancouver (because we know Canucks fans are absolutely thrilled to get their franchise goalie locked up for the rest of his career), but we must tell you the NHL is not impressed by this contract and we're led to believe the league will take a long, hard look at the deal before giving it its full blessing.

OK, primarily, don't let that concern you. The League has already been "investigating" Marian Hossa's contract with the Blackhawks for weeks now and we've heard nothing about it since. Oh yes, and they didn't like the Flyers' deal with Chris Pronger either. Hossa's deal nearly mirrors Luongo's: 12-year deals, both will be about 42 or 43 years old when the contract expires, and both will be making $1 million or less in those final stages.

It's that new and hip thing called "circumventing the collective bargaining agreement." The teams being accused of it by the League are guilty of it, let's call a spade a spade.

If you think Luongo is going to be playing at 42 years of age for about $1 million per season then I want some of the drugs you are taking.

Despite the league's threats to investigate these contracts all it really comes down to is scare tactics. Damage control. Well, they can't do anything more than that in a union environment. Why? Because they've already let Detroit get away with it. That's a crappy little thing called "past practice".

This will be dealt with when the current CBA is over. Until then, I don't blame GM's for finding a loophole in the system and taking advantage of it. Especially when it's the Canucks doing it! We can't let Detroit, Chicago and Philly have all the fun.