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Do You Agree With Cody Hodgson Being Cut?

All summer we thought he was a lock. All summer we thought the prized prospect of the Canucks offense was going to take his baby NHL steps this season.

Then again we thought similarly lofty futures were also in store for Cory Schneider and Michael Grabner. Word to the wise Jordan Schroeder: nothing is a given.

Watching the fallout in the comments here and elsewhere about Hodgson have been interesting; it seems Canucks nation is a bit torn. Half of the fans seem to understand what AV told the Team 1040 today:

"He just wasn’t ready," said Alain Vigneault. "We really believe this young man has a tremendous amount of upside but, at the end of the day, he didn’t show any signs that he was ready to play at this level. After analyzing it and talking about it, we felt the best thing for him was to go back to junior and his team."

The other half of fans seem to think this was the definition of wrong, for both Cody himself and what the team needs now. Here is part of what Section 312 said in our fanshot of the news earlier:

What I have a real problem with is how they handled Cody Hodgson. I think I did more than enough to make my position on this clear but to recap. Hodgson is too good for junior. He is going to regress this year. No matter how much character a guy has he will always have trouble motivating himself to dominate at a level that he has already dominated, when there are higher levels to reach. Cody is going to develop bad habits, he is not going to get better playing against inferior opponents and therefore you will see a worse player in camp this time next year. Now maybe he will get better as the camp goes along, maybe he is a really coachable kid and they can get him to a suitable level during next years camp that he can make a push to make the team. But much like Luc Bourdon I can’t see it happening.

The reality is Hodgson is gone, but the debate will last for sometime. And the first person to say 'Nathan Smith' or 'Patrick White' gets a stern talking to.

But being the engaging, poll-happy folks we are here (I trust you voted in a certain season preview earlier?), we want to know your opinion: did the Canucks screw the pooch with their prized prospect?