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Hodgson and Grabner Barely Improve As Canucks Beat Flames

It's hard not to chuckle at the fact that the Flames, who dressed nearly all of their opening night roster lose in a shootout to a Canucks team that dressed arguably nine. It's also a bold statement to the Canucks' depth. In the aftermath of this thrilling victory that put the Canucks at 7-0-1 in preseason play, several things should be noted:

-Cody Hodgson and Michael Grabner look like they are not going to make the big team, while Sergei Shirokov stepped up again. I'm growing weary of watching and waiting for Hodgson and Grabner  to do something to prove otherwise. Let's just get it over with already. I am tired of the disappointment. I'm not calling Shirokov a lock. I saw several times tonight where his defensive game is lacking. That needs to improve. You can't cherry pick at center ice under Alain Vigneault I'm sure.

-Brad Lukowich missed the 2nd and 3rd periods due to "dizziness." Christian Ehrhoff and Aaron Rome gobbled up

most of the ice time, playing 26:43 and 25:19 respectively. That's more than any other Canuck. I am really impressed with Aaron Rome.

-Jannik Hansen could be a 13th forward in Vancouver, but even that is immensely arguable. He is playing super hockey and deserves a spot.

-I'm sorry, but where did all the "trade Luongo" people go? Hiding in their mothers' closet? Luongo is looking like a Vezina guy already.

-Mike Gillis told the TSN crew that he's expecting the backup goaltender to play 15-20 games this season.

-There was a bit of questioning Olli Jokinen's close-range slap shot at Roberto Luongo in the shootout. Luongo stopped it, and then Alexander Edler cranked one at Miikka Kiprusoff the next play. Edler denies that it was retribution, while Luongo responded: "

I don’t really care — I made the save," added Luongo. "If he’d scored maybe I’d be pissed off."



Here's how to make a bunch of Flames fans go home depressed: