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Another NHL Team In the Northwest?

Glove tap to Kukla for posting the following story about the possibility of relocating a team (like Phoenix) to Seattle, right in Vancouver's backyard:

The Coyotes set up the game at Everett's Comcast Arena, the first such exhibition contest in the region in more than a decade.

"We had a couple players that played here," said Phoenix GM Dan Maloney. "It's one of the best junior markets in the region."

"I think it's a wonderful market," agreed GM Brian Lawton, his counterpart with Tampa Bay.

But both men say it's above their pay grade to talk about whether the NHL would be interested in moving a team to the region, or holding exhibition games here on a regular basis.

"I think this whole Northwest area is ripe for an NHL team," said Maloney, "whether it's Seattle, Portland, here, between, good fans."

"One day," said Lawton, "you never know, it's a great market, I think it would be wonderful."

What say you: got enough hate left over to direct it at the neighbors (they at least won a cup!) or do you have a case of the NIMBYs (not in my back yard)?