Cory Schneider: What to do?

It seems that with Bobby Lu locked up for the duration of the 2010's, Cory Schneider, a top goalie prospect, is a luxury that the Canucks no longer need. Even if you want to argue that having a stud backup is needed (of which an argument can certainly be made), the chance to turn Cory Schneider into a different asset could (should!) mean he could be on his way elsewhere. To where? Here's my thoughts.


  1. Atlanta. With Lehtonen, Hedberg and Pavelec, the team could use an upgrade. Depends how ready they are to give up on Lehtonen.
  2. Ottawa. Leclaire/Elliott right now, and they're apparently happy with that. You have to think, though, that neither of those guys are long-term options (both look to be 1a-type goalies, at best).
  3. Tampa Bay. They seem to be committed to Mike Smith, but should his injury problems continue, a goalie for the future might not be a bad idea.
  4. Toronto. Only likely if it happens later in the year. If Toskala isn't the answer, and Gustavsson doesn't pan out...this could be a real option.


  1. Chicago. Although the Canucks would be loathe to deal with these guys in all likelihood, Huet doesn't look like the answer. If Niemi or Crawford don't work...
  2. Colorado. Intra-division would be tough, but not impossible. Probably only happens if Anderson completely bombs.
  3. Dallas. Not much behind Marty.
  4. LA. Depends how much they like Quick/Bernier/Ersberg. I'm not a fan of any of them.
  5. St. Louis. If only we could talk them into Backes for Schneider...

When I type out that list, it looks tougher than I would have thought. The market for Schneider might not be as prolific as we would like, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Cory manning the Manitoba nets for the majority of the season, while MG tries to sort this out.


Gillis said this about Schneider today: "Cory is going to have every opportunity to make this team. That’s what he’s been told," Gillis said. "He is a great young player for us and what happens with another player doesn’t necessarily affect him at this point in time.

"We are going to let him find his own level."

Cory seemed "unfazed" about the signing when asked about it today.

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