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Bingo Bango Bongo: 12 year deal for Luongo

From the Province, here's the breakdown:

• $10 million in the first year;

• Year 2: $6.716m;

• Years 3 through 8: $6.714m each year;

• Year 9: $3.382m;

• Year 10: $1.618m;

• Years 11-12: $1m each year.


First and foremost, thank you once again Michael Edward Keenan.

Even with Andrew Raycroft in tow, Mike Gillis made sure today that Vancouver's goalie graveyard will be closed for the forseeable future:

Vancouver Canucks President and General Manager Mike Gillis announced today that goaltender Roberto Luongo has agreed to terms on a 12 year contract extension through the 2021-2022 season.

"Today is a very exciting day for the Canucks organization," said Mike Gillis. "Roberto Luongo is the leader of our hockey team; he is in the prime of his playing career and has a tremendous desire to make the Canucks a championship team. His leadership, competitiveness and character are what this team will represent for many years to come."

"This is a great day for me and my family," said Roberto Luongo. "I love playing in a passionate hockey city like Vancouver and along with my teammates I am committed to doing everything I can to help make this a championship team."

The final numbers? 12 years at who knows how much but you know Gillis front loaded it (considering he's gone on record saying such deals aren't his thing). [Update: RDS says $64 million which - if it's not front loaded - is an average of $5.3 million a year]

But the term is definite: your plucky captain will be earning those bathroom breaks when/if he's still stopping pucks at 42 years old.

If you didn't think so before, the reality is obvious: the Vancouver Canucks are the Sedin twins and Luongo from here on out. Everything revolves around those three. Next up will be Mitchell and Kesler heading into their contract years (oh and how to get back under that pesky cap thing).

And the first person to say "Rick DiPietro" will have Rick Rypien on a Red Bull bender unleashed in your general direction. You've been warned.

Go Canucks.