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Adventures In Autodrafting Your Fantasy Hockey Team

The managers of the Western Conference SBN blogs got together this week to draft a fantasy league. Naturally, with a bunch of smart hockey minds in the room, the Ovechkin's of the world aren't hanging around too long.

Regrettably, I had to be elsewhere the evening of the draft so I left the bad boy on autopilot and prayed for the best. As it turns out, the final product is similar to a Canucks team under Marc Crawford: excellent offense, questionable defense and goalies that will make you drink until you can't feel feelings anymore.

I present our blog's fantasy team:


A few things:

  1. I'm absolutely amazed that in a league of 16 teams, we had the first pick. At least the autodraft didn't mess that up because SBN would have fired me on principle.
  2. I know we're supposed to hate Washington around here, but I sure wouldn't mind their first line exploding every night.
  3. Please please please let Heatley land on Pavelski's line.
  4. Backes? Welcome. I love Kelly, hell of a gal.
  5. Sedin, Edler and Hodgson all auto-selected? Daaaamn. That's good eatin'.
  6. Our bench sucks...
  7. ...and if they suck, the goalies are a train wreck. I secretly hope Quick does well but I suspect both he and Price will have their way abusing our team's SV% on a nightly basis.