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Will Hodgson Make His Debut Tonight Against The Sharks?

UPDATE 1:28 PM:  The Vancouver Sun reports that Sergei Shirokov will play with the Twins tonight. The Canucks are loving the fact that Shirok loves to shoot the puck a lot and are giving him a big chance here. Love it!

Other lines:

 Rick Rypien-Jannik Hansen-Guillame Desbiens, Dave Scatchard-Mark Parrish-Alex Burrows, and Marco Bliznak-Pierre-Cedric Labrie- Eric Walsky.

The defence: Willie Mitchell-Yann Sauve, Christian Ehrhoff-Taylor Ellington and Shane O'Brien-Nolan Baumgartner.

This roster conflicts the roster preview.

Cody Hodgson is supposed to be ready to play by tomorrow night.


Vancouver’s roster for Friday night will be drastically different than the one that upended Anaheim. Canucks regulars scheduled to play include Alex Burrows, Alex Edler, Willie Mitchell, Sami Salo and Daniel and Henrik Sedin, although the name that is generating the most excitement is Cody Hodgson.

Alongside Mario Bliznak, Guillaume Desbiens, Eric Walsky and Sergei Shirokov, Hodgson is a prospect who could be in the line-up Friday that is looking to make an impact in hopes of surviving the next round of cuts.

The preview mentions Christian Ehrhoff playing against his former team. Andrew Raycroft reportedly will play the whole game and Daren Machesny will back him up. Let's see what Rayzor is made of!

For the Sharks: No Thornton, Heatley, Malhotra, Boyle or Setoguchi. More on that here.

Game Time: 7:30 pm PST

TV: Nope. Streamed on