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Don't Call Vigneault's Coaching Style Artless And Boring

He will defend his style until the end. Here is what he told the Vancouver Sun newspaper, quoted by Wetcoaster at the HF Boards:

"I'm not sensitive, but I know to some extent there is that perception out there. I would like to know which player has left this team since I've been here who has gone somewhere else and become an offensive player. Or has had as many points as he had with me. There is not one. And do the opposite; do the number of players who since they've been playing with me, have had their career years offensively.

All I know is, as coach, what you do is try to win. And depending on the personnel you have available, some nights you have to adjust.

Depending on the schedule, some nights you have to adjust. At the end of the day, what you're trying to do is maximize the players you have in front of you.

As a coach, you have to evaluate what you have and then put in the system that's going to most maximize potential. With what we feel is a better corps of defence at moving the puck, we're definitely going to utilize that.

Once you have a little bit more skill and can do a little more things, most of the time instead of chasing the puck trying to get it back, you have it under control.

But there's one thing that doesn't change: The teams that are successful, the teams that win, work as hard at both ends of the rink. When I talked to Samuelsson the first time I met him -- obviously you want to pick the guy's brain who has been on a team that has won a Cup and went to a finals -- the first thing he told me is [Detroit and Team Canada coach Mike] Babcock wants his players to work as hard at both ends. Well, surprise, so does Vigneault."