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Operation Stanley Complete

I went to Terrace today to witness the Hockeyville festivities and it was worth the drive! Hell, I had never seen the Stanley Cup in person before, and I wanted to meet Bryan Trottier, Ken Morrow, Cliff Ronning and Dave Babych (again). Oh yeah, and Fin made an appearance as well.  Like I said in the previous post, I was also looking forward to meeting Joe Pelletier from Greatest Hockey Legends. Well Joe saved my butt by saving a spot in the lineup for pics of the Cup and the aforementioned players. It worked out perfectly. I owe him big time. Great guy. Full of hockey wisdom he is.

The legends signed autographs for a long time yet hundreds still missed a chance to meet them.

It was a great day. I'll let the pictures do the talking.


I was joking around with Bryan Trottier, saying "Gee thanks for killing us in 1982, Bryan." Trottier kind of chuckled and said: "It wasn't was Bossy!" Great stuff.

Joe Pelletier has more images and is intensely covering Hockeyville at Greatest Hockey Legends.