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Samuelsson Believes In Vancouver's Direction / AV Loves The Veteran Additions

Mikael Samuelsson told CDC that he is looking forward to this season, to contribute offensively and defensively. He said he only wanted to play here because he liked where the team was heading. It's OK to say we "stabbed ourselves in the foot" during the playoffs Mikael. We appreciate that kind of honesty. Check out the video of his interview here.

Meanwhile, Alain Vigneault is obviously happy about Mike Gillis' additions of two players in Schneider and Samuelsson who have won the Stanley Cup before.


"I love the fact we've signed two guys that have won the Stanley Cup," said Vigneault. "The experience, that maturity added to our group will definitely help this team. We have a lot of young players that are in the developing process. When you add elements that have won, know what it takes to handle the moments and the pressure of those situations, it should help our group."
There is a different interview with Alain Vigneault here at the Province.