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Look To Joe Pelletier For All Hockeyville Coverage *UPDATES UP UNTIL MONDAY*

(This post will be pinned at the top of the page until Monday. More Canucks updates can be found below this post.)

UPDATE: Saturday, 4:15 PM: John Tavares is apparently not playing on Monday. It's funny how airs the commercial as : Roberto Luongo and the Vancouver Canucks face John Tavares and the Islanders to hype the event when both guys aren't even going to be there. Cut the BS! (BTW, I'm assuming Luongo won't be there.)  More on this and other Hockeyville updates at Joe's site.  

I believe this game will be televised at 7:30 PM PST on Roger's Sportsnet and is streaming it.


Joe Pelletier is a proud inhabitant of Terrace, British Columbia and one amazing hockey historian. I have yet to see a better hockey history site than Joe's Greatest Hockey Legends. Naturally, Mr. Pelletier is excited about Hockeyville coming to his hometown.

Before the Canucks' first preseason game against the Islanders on Monday, there will be several festivities going on in this northern town on Sunday. Lord Stanley is going to make an appearance, as are Cassie Campbell, Bryan Trottier, Cliff Ronning and Dave Babych. Don Cherry is supposed to be at the game.

Everything you need to know about Hockeyville and the Canucks-Islanders can be found at Joe's site. Check it out. I hope to be meeting Joe at the festivities on Sunday.