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Henrik Sedin: "I will try to beat him."

Sedins_stats_medium Hank was referring to beating his brother Daniel in the points category. That in itself is a laugh, because it is uncanny how close these 2 are not only as twin brothers but also statistically. Both had 82 points last season. Both had 10 points in the playoffs. Henrik has 460 career playoff points in 646 regular season and 30 career playoff points in 53 games. Daniel has 462 career points in 642 games the regular season and 28 points in 53 playoff games.

Unless they are separated, their points will remain about the same. Henrik told Hockeyexpressen that he's used to the pressure of performance, regardless of their new contract. The pressure has been there since day 1. That being said, he/they still want to improve. You have to admire their progress and consistency. You also almost have to take an Advil if you even ponder the thought of one of these guys getting injured long term. But if Daniel hurts his ankle, then wouldn't Henrik feel ankle pain as well? Freaky.

In all honesty, at a $6.1 million cap hit each, they had better perform admirably even if the other is on the IR. Bring on the cursing in my direction for even suggesting such a thing.