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Pudge Drops Weight; Nucks Misconduct Now Accepting Bulimic Nicknames

Good stuff from Hosea Cheung today about the new body mass for your favorite fatty Kyle Wellwood:

Having learned his lesson from last year, the Canucks forward is at a solid 180 pounds, a big drop from the 198-pound weigh-in during last season's camp.

The 26-year-old was about 184 pounds at the end of the playoffs.

"From last year's camp to now, it's a big difference," said Wellwood yesterday at UBC. "I'm at my playing weight now and I'm healthy."

First Bernier and now Wellwood? Vancouver is becoming a high school cheerleading squad with all this weight loss.

I'm not sure I will enjoy writing about a waifier Pudge (I just made up a new're welcome), but at least he understands there's a small army of prospects gunning for his job and he needs a big year if he wants a future on this team. If nothing else, having less Wellwood drama at camp this year would be a good thing.