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Ryan Kesler Interview With Puck Daddy

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As commenter Snep-ish pointed out, Greg Wyshynski has posted an interview with the Keslord today, and it's great. He talks about:


-the greatness of Mats Sundin being his center

-but most importantly, when asked about his future with the Canucks, as he becomes a UFA next summer, Kesler responded: 

You know what? I want to get something done before the season starts, but if it doesn't happen then it doesn't happen. I want to stay in Vancouver. I love it, my family loves it. It's a great city; maybe the most beautiful city in North America. The Canucks are a great organization.

Obviously, I'm gonna stay there and I want to stay there. If the media wants to ask me about it, I'll say, "Yeah, I want to stay there." I'll let the media ask me about it once, and then after that I won't answer a single question about it."

And you're possibly going to take a pay cut to stay here, right Kes?

Great stuff. So, now I have to ask....

Kesler called Mats Sundin "his" centerman and that of course he wants him back. There was a point blank obvious chemistry between the 2. Without Sundin in Vancouver, can the Keslord put up the same numbers as last year? (26 goals and 59 points?) He will probably move to the center position between Demitra (Demo) and Samuelsson (Son of Sam). He will no doubt be under some pressure this year to step up again offensively.