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Blueline Boost: Conservative Play No Longer An Option - Gallagher

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These five defencemen (Sami Salo, Kevin Bieksa, Alex Edler, Mathieu Schneider and Christian Ehrhoff) need to be in the rush, and often. Nobody is saying defensive responsibilities are not important or that defence doesn't come first, but Vigneault will have to fight his instincts and make sure he consistently reworks his traditional emphasis to that more upbeat approach.

Gillis wants his team to play that way, they're successful when they do, and pretty hideous when they don't. Now it has been underlined by all this firepower at the back and if Vigneault doesn't make it happen it's his head that is likely to roll.

-Tony Gallagher's Piece from The Province on Sunday.

Kind of hard to argue with most of his article. I don't want us to become the Oilers or Leafs either. I still think it's about balance and not solely the run-and-gun style. Entertainment be damned! If these offensive defenceman get involved in the rush often there's going to be out-manned rushes going the other way. Check out the article and let a potential debate begin!