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Gillis Talks About The New Canucks Cap Issue / Lukowich Thrilled

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Gillis told Team 1040:

"We are right at the cap right now, but we will be completely compliant by October 1st. A lot of things can happen between now and October 1st with injuries (as an example)."

Gillis wants depth right now just in case.

As far as I can see, we are over the cap by over $3 million. Christian Ehrhoff will make $3.15 million this season. Brad Lukowich will earn $1.8 million. Mathieu Schneider's contract has not been released yet (assume it's $2 million) That being said, I'm not a capologist. But Capgeek is. He has the Canucks at $980,832 over. But Schneider's salary hasn't been added yet.

Let the speculation begin! It's already happening, actually. Team, 1040 is wondering if Kevin Bieksa gets traded. I think Pavol Demitra is the biggest factor here. He has a no trade clause, which I don't think he'd waive. But let's face it, I wish he would. That's $4 million to save right there. I think both Demitra and Shane O'Brien should be flogged because of their complaining about management to the media last season. Those 2 players plus Willie Mitchell are in the final years of their contracts. Actually, with all of the additions today, the Canucks will have 12 players that are in the last year of their contracts. Yikes.

It's a stretch to think Gillis will trade his prized Demitra or even ask him to waive his NTC, O'Brien, however, may be one guy who is looking down the barrel of a gun. I don't even want to think about Mitchell getting flogged. I can't see that happening.

*EDIT* 4:32 PM: Gillis had a bit more of an in-depth conversation with Bill Watters on 640 AM Radio today about Sundin, the Blackhawks series and defensive depth. Paul Kukla recapped that interview.


Does Demitra have a no-trade clause? It doesn't say that here. It does say Mitchell has one.


Brad Lukowich was just on the Team 1040 and he sounds absolutely thrilled to be coming to Vancouver - back home, as he was born in Cranbrook. Great to hear. He said that Vancouver was the one place he wants to play. He likes the teams' direction on all fronts.