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Cory Schneider's 2008-09 NHL Performance

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Not much good has been said about Schneider's performance when he was called upon to play for the Canucks last season. He finished with a 2-4-1 record, a 3.38 GAA and a .877 save percentage. Check out his game-by-game stats from ESPN:


But let's take a bit of a closer look at those games:

Each link goes to the game's video highlights.

November 29, 2008. 3-1 loss to Calgary.

How many 2-on 1's did the Canucks give up there? Cory looked a bit weak on the Tyler Moss goal, but the others he had no chance on.

December 1, 2008. 3-2 loss to Columbus.

-Fredrick Modin goal. Powerplay, nice setup from Nash.

-Garth Murray goal. Schneider trips over his own feet on this play.

-Kristian Huselius goal. Another nice setup by Nash. No chance for Schneider here.

12 minutes played but no goals allowed against in a 6-5 loss to Detroit on December 4.

December 5. 2-1 win over the Wild. Schneider has a great game. Not much chance on the Mikko Koivu goal as he was interfered with and screened.

December 7. 5-4 loss to Colorado in the shootout. The Avalanche were tipping the puck in off Ryan Smyth and Canucks defenders' stick, but that weak Tjarnqvist goal late in the 3rd to tie it up for the Avs was just that...weak. Then it's Marek Svatos in a shootout. Yeah...good luck.

December 14. 5-3 win over Florida.  Trouble for Schneider behind his net as he coughs it up on the Frolik goal to make it 5-3, but otherwise Schneider looked great here. Not much chance on the other 2 Panthers goals.

December 23. 5-0 loss to the Sharks on Hockey Night in Canada. The Sharks were picking corners in this one, and the Canucks as a team really shit the bed. Schneider was pulled early in the 2nd period after the 5th goal (on 15 shots.) Merry effing Christmas! Sanford was stellar replacing Schneider.

December 30. 3-2 loss to Philadelphia. I can't remember why AV replaced Curtis Sanford after the first period, but it was wise of him. Schneider only let in 1 goal off a bing-bing play and then shut the door, amazingly after that. The Canucks couldn't score the goals to come back though. Happy effing New Years!

Schneider loves to go down into that butterfly position, sometimes too early. Sometimes he overplays the slide across. But there is no doubt that he is a quick goalie in every form of the word. He doesn't give up on plays. His record for last season doesn't do him much justice, as the stinker by the team against the Sharks really damaged his stats. If you erase the Sharks game and the Wings game where he only played 12:00, Schneider had a 2.16 GAA and a .895 save percentage. If I add the 12:00 played against Detroit his numbers get even better.

Just something to think about.