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Deadline For Completion of Luongo Extension: September 13

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Not really news to us, but Roberto Luongo has set a deadline for negotiating a contract extension with the Canucks.

From the Globe and Mail:

"We’re trying to get it done before camp," Roberto Luongo said in Calgary yesterday. "If it doesn’t happen before camp, I will not be negotiating during the season. I don’t want to have that distraction." 

This to me is a double edged sword. On one side, I can appreciate that Lou wants to completely focus on this season and he wants the team to succeed plus be the starting goalie for Canada in at the Olympics.

Unfortunately, if a deal does not get worked out you know what's going to happen: many of the media and the fans are going to hound him for answers regardless and the "trade Luongo" freaks are going to come back out in full force. Distraction is imminent if a deal doesn't get done. Especially in a hockey-mad, hungry and even cruel-as-hell market like Vancouver. I would really prefer the extension to get done soon given those circumstances. Luongo knows this.

Is it possible that the savages could run Louie out of town with their ferociousness if an extension is not accomplished by September 13? It's a cruel world out here.

By the way, both Gillis and Luongo denied the 6-year, $6.75 million extension rumor out there. That was too good to be true anyway.